What should you consider about cycling?

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Cycling is in demand among professional fans of sports. In cycling, the individual disciplines differ mainly in the routes traveled (road, rail, mountain, terrain, obstacle course) and the bikes used (racing bike, track bike, mountain bike, BMX, trial bike, etc.).

It can be assumed that the cycling demand is also due to the fact that many people like to use the bike in everyday life. Both live broadcasts and on-track cycling races are admired by the viewers. The landscape shots on tours such as the Tour de France attract many spectators to the venues. Unfortunately, these also repeatedly cause dangerous situations for the racing drivers.
The speeds in cycling races have increased more and more over the years. While it was around 26 km / h at the first Tour de France, the speed today is 40 km / h.
In addition to the special kinds of cycling, it is also an element of the competition in the duathlon and triathlon.

What is the history of this sport?

Shortly after the development and invention of the bicycle or its predecessor (e.g. the penny farthing), it was also used for sporting purposes. The first bicycles were also less intended for locomotion per se, but more as an attraction and also as a piece of sports equipment. The first one-day race took place in Paris on December 8, 1867, making it the first official race in the world. About 100 drivers drove 23 kilometers to the Palace of Versailles. A year later, the first women’s race also took place, which only went over 500 meters.
A few years later, many one-day races were launched, some of which are still real classics today, e.g.:

  1. Bastogne – Liège (since 1892)
  2. Paris – Roubaix (since 1896)
  3. Milan – San Remo (since 1907)

In 1903 the world’s most famous cycle race was started as a stage tour with the Tour de France.
In addition to the road races of that time, long-distance and endurance races on the track have also enjoyed great popularity from the very beginning. These were, for example, six-day or standing races.
Today’s disciplines such as BMX or mountain biking were of course only added in much later times, when the corresponding bikes were developed and are therefore more of a new product.

What are the basic rules in this sport?

The rules in cycling are very diverse due to the specifics of cycling types. This complicated the betting process. The rules and goals for a race on the track are almost different from those of BMX or a traditional street race.
Basically, the typical road races are about the drivers achieving placements. This is done for the overall ranking by achieving placements and of course time credits. In other categories, such as sprinter or mountain ratings, points are also scored.
BMX, on the other hand, is about demonstrating certain figures and tricks and receiving ratings for them.

What are the betting opportunities in cycling?

Various kinds of cycling also form the numerous betting options that are provided by bookmakers’ offices. In practice, however, this is unfortunately not the case and so you will look in vain for offers on BMX or mountain biking, unless these competitions are taking place in the context of the Olympic Games or similar events. There are such available types in cycling betting:

  • Winner bets
  • Placement bets for a driver or team
  • Stage winner bets
  • Head-to-Head bets (comparison of the placements of two drivers)
  • Bets on a driver finishing a race within a certain placement range (e.g. Top3, Top5 …)
  • Bet on a winner of a certain classification (mountain classification, best young talent, best sprint)

The player needs to understand the existing betting strategies, understand their features, how the strategy works, take into account all the nuances, such as, for example, the correct distribution of the amount, etc. Based on this knowledge, the player will learn how to correctly apply a particular strategy, and this, in turn, will ensure the stable growth of the bank.
If you are lucky, you can occasionally find bets on track cycling races, but even this more in the context of large and important competitions.

What are the main tips and tricks for your cycling betting?

In road races it is extremely difficult to predict a winner of the day, as there are so many occasions in the stages that countless drivers set out to win a stage at least once. Rather, you should then keep an eye on those stages where you can assume that at least one driver from a certain group will definitely win and then you can choose the driver from this group who probably currently has the best chances. This is a good way to go, e.g. for typical sprinter stages. If you also take current performance into account, the chances of getting the right tip increase enormously. This also applies to all other offers.
When betting on an overall winner, the chances of being right are better. Even though the odds are often relatively low as a result. Often the favorites win in the end, because the teams work together towards this success and put personal interests and their own successes on the back burner.
Betting solely for the sake of making money is a surefire way to lose everything. The work should initially be interesting to a person, and only then make a profit. Any boring activity weighs on people, therefore it is performed poorly.
Don’t bet on athletes who appeal to you. Here it is necessary to turn off feelings and sympathies in relation to the team or athlete. Otherwise, the likelihood of loss increases. Beginners often place bets with a mindset, favoring feelings over reason. Don’t knowingly make a mistake that will lead to failure.