What is cycling?

Cycling is a type of physical activity that involves cycling through the movement of human muscular strength. It is also a part of the triathlon. The main organization that controls this sport is the International Cycling Union. It is based in Switzerland. It is also a form of active recreation.

How to choose a bookmaker for cycling betting?

Bets on cycling are accepted by many bookmakers, and to choose a suitable bookmaker, you need to take into account the following parameters:

  • Legality. The presence of an official license for accepting stakes (it is better to choose legal bookmakers).
  • Variety of rates. A wide line of stakes covering all significant races and variable listings on them, the presence of long-term stakes.
  • Bookmakers’ Odds level. Acceptable quotes with a margin for top events of 5% or more (there are no high quotes for cycling).
  • The profitability of the bonus program. A system of bonuses and promotions focused on new and old customers.
  • Convenience of payment methods. The ability to make deposits and withdraw winnings using bank cards and popular e-wallets.

What are profitable cycling betting strategies?

There is no specific tactic for gambling on cycling as the sport is simply not very popular. Therefore, we offer a couple of universal financial strategies to beat the bookmakers.
Flat. This financial management system implies wagering in the amount of 1% to 5% of the bankroll, depending on the personal expectations of the bettor. The higher the probability of passing the stake in the opinion of the player, the greater the amount he places on it. However, the size of the bet should not exceed 5%, otherwise, the game will become risky. The advantage of the Flat system is the minimum level of risk because the player stakes only a small percentage of the pot.
Catch-up. This cycling gambling strategy involves gambling on the same outcomes before they run. In this case, the amount of the next bet in case of loss increases enough to cover past losses and bring profit to the bettor. You can bet on any outcomes, but their quotes should be approximately equal and not less than two. The advantage of the catch-up strategy is a guaranteed profit, but it is not known on what account the stake is. Hence, its disadvantage follows – a high level of risks, because before a winning outcome it may be necessary to make several stakes.

What is important to consider when betting on cycling?

Don’t count on stakes as regular earnings. A common newbie mistake is an unsubstantiated belief that sports gambling will become a regular income. Betting is a risk-based game, that is, there is always a chance of losing.
A person can carefully study the bookmaking world, be well versed in sports, have extensive experience in forecasting, but at the same time lose money. Any capper, even the most successful one, has drawdown stages. This means that the player is losing money for a while.
Consider betting only as entertainment or, as a last resort, as a way to earn extra money. Do not give up your main job, planning to make an easy income from gambling.
Do not invest critical amounts of money in gambling. Allocate to stakes only those funds that are no longer needed for anything. This will not be just a high-risk investment. Sports gambling is a random investment. Treat them only in this way, even if you plan to play according to a strictly verified strategy.
We do not dismiss the possibility of a systemic, strategic, profitable game. But the initial presumption of an adequate player is the understanding that there is a great risk of losing the money invested!